What Makes A Successful E-Commerce Website

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/24/2023 - 17:28

There are many different ways to build an e-commerce business, but there are four key factors that you should consider when launching your website.

1. Website

Your website is your showroom. It’s bright and airy. When you’re online, your showroom is a clutter-free website where your visitors can easily scroll up and down to find the information they’re looking for. It’s vital that your website is easy to navigate because surfers don’t need to search for your product or details. Your website should present your products in an eye-catching way so surfers want to see more of them. Post testimonials for your product or photos of it so people can see how it’s used. If you offer guaranteed products, make sure to post this information prominently.

2. Your merchant account

This is one of the most important features of any commercial website. Without it, you cannot accept credit card payments. According to reports, up to 99 percent of online commerce is done via credit cards. Therefore, if you don’t offer a merchant account, you’re losing business. You’ll need to accept all the major credit cards. Without this feature, you can’t.

3. Shopping cart and secure server

This is related to the above. If you have an online merchant account for accepting credit cards, you’ll need an e-commerce shopping cart. This allows your customers to select and place their products in the cart, just like they would in a shopping mall. At the end of your shopping, the cart will count the products and give you the total cost of your chosen products. To make your ecommerce shopping cart work properly, you need to install its software on your website or the server that hosts it. If you’re using your own server, you will need a certificate, such as Verisign’s or Thawrte’s, that encrypts your customers’ financial information so they can feel secure while providing you with this sensitive information.

4. Payment gateway

This is another important factor in building an effective e-commerce site. Payment gateway is the connection between your website and the credit card processing company. It allows information to flow from your site through the authorization centre, where your credit card is authenticated and then charged. After that, your website will receive a confirmation that the processing process was successful. A payment gateway always checks for details in your credit card information. It will reject any discrepancies in your information. This reduces the number of fraudulent credit cards by nearly 80 percent.