IP Address And Domain Name – What's The Connection?

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/24/2023 - 04:10

When the internet first started, it was just a handful of computers connected to modems and phone lines. The only way to make an internet connection was to provide an IP address or an Internet Protocol address (IP address) of the computer you wanted to connect with. The IP address was only useful if there were just a few hosts on the internet, which is why it became cumbersome as more internet systems started to come online.

With this big dilemma came the idea of domain name. Before the domain name system was introduced, the first solutions to this dilemma were simple text files that are managed by Network Information Center which is responsible for mapping the names to the IP address. But then the text file got so big that a lot of people found it very difficult to manage. The University of Wisconsin created the domain name system in 1983 which has the ability to automatically map the text names to the IP addresses. And from this introduction, the idea of the IP addresses and domain names came into being. IP addresses and domain names make it easier for the people to connect to the computers. This is a common response that most people get. And for some reason, even though the IP address is different from the domain name, they are both important in the Internet world.

IP addresses and domain names are so closely linked that a domain name will not work without an IP address, and an IP address will not work without a domain name. This is how closely the IP address and a domain name are connected. To illustrate the importance of IP addresses and domain names, let’s first look at the IP address itself. The IP address is written as a 32-bit numerical address that is four numbers divided by a dot. For example, a domain name can be an IP address if it has a dot-dotted address. Within a separated network, IP addresses can be assigned randomly as long as each one is distinct. The IP address can also be used in various ways to identify a specific network and a specific host on the network

On the other hand, the domain name further highlights the importance of the IP address as well as the domain name. The domain name uniquely identifies one or several IP addresses. Thus, the IP address is used to identify the web pages and the domain name is used to identify them. So, when you type into your browser either your IP address or your domain name, then the system will automatically find the page for you and automatically give you the page. This is how IP address and the domain name work in the world of the internet.