Internet Traffic And SEO Techniques

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/24/2023 - 17:17

You’re probably wondering why your web site isn’t getting as much traffic as you would like. After all, it took a lot of money and effort to set up your web site, and like so many other websites, it’s completely unknown. As a result, it doesn’t get enough traffic to be profitable. But did you know that 80% of all web traffic comes from search engine results? Yes, that’s right! Ranking near the top of search engine results and getting your target audience’s attention should be at the top of your web site’s to-do list. The good news is that improving your web site position on search engine pages doesn’t have to cost you anything. SEO techniques can do it for you.

There are many ways to advertise your website. Some are paid, while others are free. Of the free ones, search engine optimization techniques help your website become search engine friendly (SEO). In other words, SEO makes your website pages friendly to search engine crawlers. Here are some of the steps you will need to follow to rank higher in search engine’s pages, when you search for specific keywords related to the services or products your website offers.

Search engine optimization steps for a web page:


The HTML Title tag is one of the most crucial tags and must contain keywords or phrases that are most relevant to the products or services that the web page offers. The HTML Title tag should contain no more than 60 characters.


The HTML Meta Keyword tag contains all of the keyword phrases that are relevant to the product or service that the web page is offering. Avoid using the same keywords over and over again and using capital letters incorrectly. The tag should not exceed 250 characters.


What is the HTML meta Description tag? The HTML meta description tag is used to describe the content of a web page. The search engine will use this tag to display the content of the page. Keyword phrases should be included in the meta description. Avoid repeating keywords and capital letters. Meta descriptions should not exceed 200 characters.

Keywords in Headings:

Headings tag (h1): Keywords in the Headings tag will be seen as an important keyword that is relevant to your web page and search engines will look for it and index it.

Web page text:

Informational text should be at the top of every page. Use natural language and relevant keywords. The content should be over 200 words. The informative text should be in the HTML Body section of your web page.

Keywords in Alt Tags:

All HTML picture “img” tags should have an ALT (Alt+Alt) tag with a description. Use keywords whenever possible.

Keywords in Anchor Tags:

Every HTML hypertext link “a href ” should have a title tag with a description. Whenever possible, use keywords.

Robots.txt file:

Ensure that robots.txt is present in the directory of your web site. This text file is created by your webmaster and will be used by the search engine’s crawler to index your web site. There may be situations where you don’t want to index certain web pages. By using robots.txt you will be able to control which pages you want to be indexed and available to search engines.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /tmp/
Disallow: /data/

HTML code validation:

Search engine crawlers work faster when they are able to index web pages without any HTML errors. However, be aware that some HTML errors can cause search engine crawl to stop indexing web pages altogether. Therefore, it is recommended to index these web pages with no HTML errors.


Links are one of the most important things for search engines. Quality and reciprocity of links play a big role in how important a web page is. Links from pages with higher page rankings are a plus.

Registering with Directories and Search Engines:

Registering your website with directories/search engine web sites is one of the most important things you can do to let the world know that your site exists. Do not use automatic search engine /directory registration. Search engine optimization is a set of processes that help your web site become more relevant for search engines. It will take time to get more traffic from the internet. It will also take some extra promotion. But if you are looking for more traffic to the internet, free search engines might be your first choice.