How to Create a Money Magnet E-commerce Web Site

Submitted by admin on Fri, 07/07/2023 - 15:11

If you've been online for more than a day, you've probably heard an "expert" somewhere recommend creating a Money Magnet website. This site is highly automated and allows you to earn money 24 hours a day. While this *sounds* good, what they often forget to tell you is how to do it. That's what I'm telling you right now in this article!

First, what is the MoneyMagnet website? 
A Money Magnet website can be defined as a website that integrates e-commerce and internet marketing tools, allowing you to achieve maximum success with minimum effort. Most e-commerce systems have essentials such as a shopping cart, credit card acceptance and processing, a maintenance system for adding/changing products, and an order tracking system to fulfill orders.

What it lacks most, however, is its marketing tools. There are several marketing strategies that are essential to building a successful e-commerce website: email marketing (broadcasting) to prospects/customers, effective use of autoresponders (generating automated email messages), newsletters online newsletters, lead forms/question writing. . Email addresses Electronic product delivery (if you sell digital products), ad tracking (advertising), backend sales, affiliate programs.

Now, if you had a system that could support the integration of all these marketing tools in addition to the necessary e-commerce elements, you would have a Money Magnet website. Finally, it turns out that potential customers often need 7 or more ad impressions before making a purchase. Consider the following scenario.

A potential customer clicks on an ad in an online magazine. This action increments a counter for a particular ad to help determine ad performance. They haven't decided to buy yet, but please sign up for the newsletter. They are now considered promising. Start sending them a monthly e-newsletter. The autoresponder also opts in to the newsletter and begins sending emails twice a month for the next 90 days to reiterate the benefits of the product and thank you for encouraging purchases.

Once you send them one of your "delicious" offers that they can't refuse, they'll buy it. They are automatically removed from your lead list and added to your customer list.

Depending on the product or service you purchased, you will receive an additional product email every two weeks for the next six months. This will be the engine that drives back-end sales and keeps customers coming back to your site.

Wouldn't it be impressive to be able to play these scenarios with one unified system? Internet giants use expensive e-commerce platforms from vendors such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle to do this. When the system handles these tracking tasks automatically, you can spend more time on business, health or family!

 What can I do to get a Money Magnet website? 
Fortunately, there are ways to automate your website just like the big kids do. The most cost-effective way is to sign up with one of the many app service providers available on the web that offer an integrated shopping cart with a full set of marketing tools. In general, the shopping cart and tools are very flexible and can be integrated into any website.

Are there other ways to automate your business besides working with a total solution provider? 
Some degree of automation can be achieved without an integrated shopping cart system, but it will require manual intervention and will of course be incomplete. In my opinion, the most important asset of an e-commerce business is the email list. So focus on implementing a good autoresponder/list server system to "jump start" your current eCommerce site. there are some good ones out there
market. Find a provider that can: Create multiple lists, add leads via web form, manually send unlimited autopilot via email or admin console, send unlimited emails, send newsletters.

When you set up your autoresponder system, create a list for "prospects" and a list for "customers." Now this is where you come in. When someone orders your product, you have to log into the answering machine and go through the extra work of manually removing them from your lead list and adding them to your customer list. This action triggers the client's automatic response sequence to send the message. The key to building a successful e-commerce website is to automate your marketing engine as much as possible and drive prospects and customers back to your site. This will turn you into a traffic magnet e-commerce website. money!