Dedicated VS Shared Website Hosting

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a term that means hosting a website on a computer accessible to Internet users. Web hosting can be as simple as keeping it on a local desktop computer with web server software installed, or hosting it in a dedicated data center with redundant backups and load balancing.

What is a dedicated web server?

Dedicated servers are usually rented monthly or annually from data centers to website owners. The site owner is responsible for maintaining the server and hosting one or more sites on the server. Many website owners pay for server administration so they can focus on growing and managing their online business.

Sites hosted on dedicated servers are generally more secure and perform better because the server owner has full control over the sites hosted on the server. It also allows website owners to monitor server performance and make any necessary adjustments to server software and hardware.

The benefits of dedicated servers are better performance, management and reliability. The downside of running a private server is the costs associated with renting and managing the server. Website owners must have a fairly high level of knowledge to run their own dedicated server. You can pay starting at $60/month for a single basic dedicated server.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared website hosting companies rent or own dedicated servers and then distribute site space to many website owners. This is primarily done to reduce the cost of hosting individual websites. However, shared web hosting providers host multiple websites from multiple owners on a single server. This is usually a safe bet if the site owner is working with a reputable company that prioritizes performance and security. However, problems arise when hosting providers decide to sacrifice server performance and security for greater profit. Spammers, hackers and phishers often use cheap shared hosting servers to attack their victims. This usually puts an unacceptable load on the server and often makes it unavailable to the rest of the site.

Another disadvantage of shared web hosting is that website owners do not have full control over the performance of the server or the software running on them. This is usually done to increase server security, but it can be a headache for many developers who need other tools for their sites.

The advantage of hosting on a shared server is that it is low cost and maintenance free for the website owner. There are many cheap and free web hosting deals out there, but you'll need to pay around $10 per month to host a website with around 500MB of storage space and 10GB of traffic.

what are we doing

Regina web hosting company Look Matters rents dedicated servers and hosts its clients' websites on these servers. That's why we are both a dedicated hosting company and a shared hosting provider. We only host sites that we develop or for people who live in our community. This decision was made to reduce the risk of malicious website owners being hosted on our servers. If someone does not meet our security requirements, we may disable their account and, in extreme cases, report any person or company using our servers for illegal purposes to the authorities. However, if we were primarily a website hosting provider rather than a website design and hosting company, it would be very difficult to justify this business model. When someone is looking for a website hosting provider, they need to ask a number of questions related to server location, security, backups, and performance. Consider a company or individual with a server in their office or home. These servers are vulnerable to power outages, fires, thefts and more. You are not protected from such elements.