Article Marketing And Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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The major focus of search engine optimization (SEO) is on-page optimization, or putting keywords and phrases throughout a webpage's code. Google and the other search engines can learn a lot about your website's content via on-page SEO, but you also need to convey to them the significance of your website. This can be done through search engine marketing, a more comprehensive area of online advertising. Writing and distributing articles is one aspect of search engine marketing that is quite effective at generating backlinks to your website as well as providing valuable content for your website's users.

There are three main justifications for beginning to write and syndicate articles, among many other excellent ones. Adding valuable and educational content to your website is the most obvious benefit of producing articles. Your website's visitors are seeking information. By adding articles to your website, you improve visitors' experiences, increasing the likelihood that they will come back and spread the word about the amount of knowledge you have to offer. Search engines will give your website more weight if it is filled with unique and pertinent information, which is another fantastic incentive to write your own content. The final justification relates to link building. You can increase the exposure of your content by submitting it to an article syndication website.

Content Is King

The emergence of social bookmarking services like and has increased the dependence of Internet search on the preferences of actual Internet users.
In the past, it was simple to influence search engines to "think" that your website was significant, but nowadays, real people will play a bigger role in judging how "good" your website is. It also makes sense since, if a small number of Internet users believe that your website is a great informational resource, it probably is. In order to identify major websites, Google and the others will increasingly focus on these social bookmarking services. Therefore, having quality content on your website is crucial for the development of SEO.

Fresh Original Content is preferred by search engines.

It is possible for Google and other search engines to tell whether a passage of content is unique or has been plagiarized from another website. When search engines examine your website and discover fresh, original information, it demonstrates that the site is updated frequently, not infrequently, and that considerable effort was put into generating it rather to simply copying and pasting text from other websites. One of the ways search engines decide if you have a "good" website is through this. An extensive amount of unique, pertinent, and constantly updated information on a website should typically perform well in search engine results.

Once your article has been created and published on your website, you can further capitalize on it by allowing other website owners to utilize it as content on their own websites. By submitting your content to an article directory, you can do this. Similar to a typical website directory, these directories list articles rather than websites. Simply type "article directory" into a search engine to get hundreds of these websites. Website owners are permitted to use your article on their own website, provided they credit you and add a resource box at the bottom of the article with a link to your website. 
One of the more crucial elements of search engine marketing is creating backlinks to your website because search engines believe the more websites that link to you, the more significant your website must be.

Making Your Article Search Engine Friendly

Utilizing pertinent keywords and phrases not only on your website but also on websites that link to you is a component of search engine optimization. As many times as you can, use your keywords or key phrases throughout the text, but don't overuse it or it won't sound genuine. Search engines will link your website to the content of your article when they index it and discover a link to it.

The Resource Box

The author's bio and a link to their website are included in the resource box, which is the last section of the article. Since obtaining backlinks to your website is the main goal of article syndication, this information is crucial. The URL of your website alone is acceptable, however anchor text is recommended. The text that can be clicked to take you to another website or webpage is known as a "anchor." While using the name of your website is acceptable, You should aim to incorporate your primary keyword or phrase into the link. This is a crucial SEO tactic since anchor text has a significant impact on how well a website performs in search engine results. Some individuals will advise placing. 
This is a crucial SEO tactic since anchor text has a significant impact on how well a website performs in search engine results. Some folks will advise you to include anchor text in your article's body. Although this tactic may work for search engines, it appears "spammy" to people, and no trustworthy websites will pick up your post as a result.

Duplicate Content and Your Article's Value

It seems sense that you should submit your articles to as many websites as you can if you want other websites to list them and link back to your website.  
This seems like a sensible plan, and there are actually lots of article submission businesses online that will send your post to 400 or more article directories. However, there is a drawback to this strategy. Despite the fact that you might receive a ton of backlinks to your website, Google is likely to mark your article as duplicate material, which will make it considerably less valuable. In other words, your article's worth is diminishing as it appears on more and more websites. Additionally, trustworthy publications don't want to employ content that is already available on 100 or so other websites. Sometimes, one backlink from a reputable site with a high Page Rank is equivalent to 100 backlinks from lesser websites with little to no authority. Therefore, it's generally a good idea to submit your article to no more than 5 article directories, preferably the top 5.

The Ideal Plan

If you have the time and desire, posting the original text of the article on your website and then revising a copy for syndication will help you get more out of article marketing. This will prevent duplicate content penalties for your website. From here, you can choose to focus on getting your article included in more reputable publications and obtaining higher quality backlinks, or you can submit your content to 400 directories and try to obtain as many backlinks as you can. Although I personally choose the latter, it's your decision.