8 Ways To Promote Your Business Or Website

Submitted by admin on Sat, 08/26/2023 - 15:10

Here are the top 8 free or next to free ways to advertise your website:

  1. Post links on other websites. Trade banner ads. Trade links.
  2. Include your website URL in your newsletter. When readers read each newsletter, they’ll be reminded to visit your website.
  3. Spread the word about your website on message boards, email discussion lists, and chat rooms. Once people find out about your website, they’ll keep coming back, searching and looking for new products to purchase.
  4. Write an article and submit it to an e-zine, web site or magazine that accepts article submissions. Put your web address at the bottom of the article.
  5. Give away a free e-book with your web site’s address inside. Encourage your friends to give away the e-book too. This will help boost your website’s visibility.
  6. Join chat rooms and forums. Reply to other users’ posts, ask questions, and post relevant information. Post a pre-defined signature file (along with your web address) at the bottom of all your posts.
  7. Post your ad on Free Ad Sites. You can post your ad on Free classified ad sites. Free for all link sites. Newsgroups that allow ads. Free yellow page directories.
  8. Don’t forget to include your web site’s address in your signature file. You’re probably sending thousands of emails every day, so why not include your web site URL in your signature file?
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