7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Targeted Website Traffic

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/24/2023 - 11:14

One of the biggest challenges that network marketers face is driving targeted traffic to their site. There are a lot of ways to do this, and paid advertising is one of them. If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t want to try this because you’ll still need to see if your lead capture page and sales page convert. A lot of internet marketers fail online because they don’t know how or what to do to generate the targeted traffic they need to make their site successful. In this article, we’ll look at seven tried and true ways to drive targeted traffic to your site.

1. Article Marketing

One of the surest ways to get more targeted traffic to your site is by writing original and keyword-driven articles for your site visitors. This is called article marketing, and it will bring you repeat traffic to your site that is already interested in what you have to offer. How do I promote my articles? I submit my articles to the following major article directories: Ezine articles.com, Goarticles.com ,Article dashboard and others

2. Blogging

Publishing original, relevant content frequently on your personal blog will help you drive more targeted traffic to your site. Your blog posts may contain backlinks to your other sites, which are referred to as backlinks. Backlinks improve your PageRank in Google.

3. Classifieds

* Craigslist
* US Free Ads
* eBay

4. Linking

All links are not the same. There are several ways to get inbound links. First, submit your website to all the directories in the subject area. Second, find similar but non-competitive sites you can exchange links with. A lot of sites have auto-link software that will search for your backlink and automatically add you. Third, link with similar websites. Fourth, link with targeted websites. Fifth, link exchange services (like Link Vault, Link Metro, etc.) sixth, purchase links (Webmasters or Link Brokers), lists, co-registration lists, joint venture (other marketers' email lists), opt-in lists (you need to build your list first) safe lists.

5. Advertising

Ezine Advertising (Ads in newsletters) Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Adcenter, etc.) Offline Advertising (Flyers, Direct Mail, etc.)

6. Social Media

# Social Bookmarking

* Social Multi-Media Networks
* Podcasts (publish your own podcasts)
* YouTube
* Google Video

# Social Networks

* Squidoo
* MySpace
* AdlandPro
* Direct Matches

# Social Voting

* Digg
* Reddit
* Netscape

7. Forums

Forums are a great way to get more targeted traffic to your website. As you answer questions and create topics, you’ll get to know and trust your audience. Don’t advertise your products in forums. Most forums let you add a signature, which is a box underneath your posts that you can add links to your website. These tips will help you get more traffic to your targeted website on a regular basis. The internet marketer that gets the most links and targeted traffic to their website wins.